Adria International Raceway Wrap Up

It was a disappointing weekend at Adria. After setting the fastest time in one of the practices we were unable to get the speed back for the rest of the weekend. I started all of the heats from 14th. Heat One, struggled for time and lost positions. Heat Two we were up to ninth when the race was flagged due to rain; I crossed the scale 0.2 kg underwieght. Heat Three, we again just couldn’t find the speed. Started last in the prefinal  and finished 18th.
42 Countries Represented
We look forward to the next race hoping for better results, knowing that we are capable of doing much better. Thanks to God, CRGSpa, Maxter Engines and Eddie Tinini. We will improve.
After the race we were able to do some sight seeing and relax a little bit!
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