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Kevin Miller
May 23, 2023

Sometimes it's better to be lucky, and sometimes it's better to be good; for this Idahoan who qualified for the Indianapolis 500 as a rookie, he needed both to make the historic field. However, folks from Payette worldwide congratulate Sting Ray Robb for making the field for the 107th Indianapolis 500.

The drama of whether or not the 21-year-old Payette, Idaho native, would make the cut was played out before a national television audience on NBC Sunday afternoon. Stingray would lose his spot if another racer beat his time with only minutes left to make the field. Fortunately, that didn't happen, and he is living his dream. The Idahoan is 32 in a 33-driver field. Let's take a look at Sting Ray Robb's rise to the Indianapolis 500.

The Rise Of Stingray Robb

Check Out Idaho's Indy Car Phenom

How committed is his family to his racing career? Stingray Ray Robb told us his dad has only missed one race because he was hospitalized. Despite being hospitalized, his father called every thirty minutes to check on the race.

NBC Sports Television Indy Qualifying
NBC Sports Television Indy Qualifying

Sports Illustrated captured Sting Ray Robb's rise to living his dream capturing how his family has always been there for him. His father described the family's sacrifice for the young rising star.

“Sting Ray’s mother and I had a grocery store for 20 years,” Larry Robb said. “We never had a lot of money, and then when we did start getting money we were spending it on gasoline and diesel. We haven’t gone without food, but we’ve pretty much given everything we have. I have two words to describe it: one is ‘everything’ and the other is ‘all.’ There’s no exaggeration in that. We’ve given it all. But that’s just money. What we got back is everything.”

To become a world-class racer, one must travel the world. The young Stingray began racing globally in Italy at nine years old. In 2016 he balanced going to school in Payette with driving in Italy, NASCAR, and other motorsports.

Sting Ray made news recently by publicly sharing his Christian faith. You will notice this famous verse from the bible on his Indy Car.

NBC Sports Television
NBC Sports Television

As he takes the field for this year's big race, the entire Gem State will be cheering him on.  Good Luck Sting Ray Robb!

NBC Sports Television Indy Car Qualifying
NBC Sports Television Indy Car Qualifying